Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sick Kid

While the animals were entertaining themselves this morning, Delaney was laying in bed. He called last night while I had Kendall at the doctor and said that he had a headache. I told him to take Ibprofen and lay down. He did, sleeping in my bed, there when we returned, and there this morning when I woke up.
Photo Feb 14, 6 39 09 AM
I got him up, but then was back in bed when I came back in his room, Uma was testing the patience of Milky Way, who also scared Deuce the other day. I’m hoping Uma learns soon before she gets a long scratch on the nose.
Delaney said his stomach was upset, and he had homework to do. I wasn’t thrilled with the homework mention, but got him some food since he missed dinner last night. He was still feeling bad when I got Kendall downstairs, so he went back to bed, and I took Kendall to school.
Photo Feb 13, 5 26 47 PM
Today was the walking boot, after getting checked last night. X-rays were negative, and with no swelling, that’s what I expected. RICE prescribed, and I think Kendall’s starting to feel better, and my guess is she’ll be in the boot until Thur and then limp around for a day or two. She was definitely still talking up the pain this morning, but not acting quite so hurt. She certainly enjoyed being wheeled around the urgent care last night.
Photo Feb 13, 6 03 23 PM
She made half of choir, with her Valentines. Delaney’s asleep, and I have a happy herd.
Photo Feb 14, 7 40 04 AM

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