Thursday, February 23, 2012

National Margarita Day

I heard about this yesterday, and decided to celebrate.

Photo Feb 22, 9 03 30 PM

Work, writing, and car repairs all day. Homework with the kids, working late, a quick run, and then off to karate. I got home and walked into the kitchen with some groceries, including some ice cream that Kendall had requested. I grabbed tequila, Grand Marnier, the salt and rimmer, and mixing cups. The kids were watching, and Tia sat there quietly while I mixed up two margaritas for us.

It was weird for me, since I mix drinks like 2-3 times a year. We rarely make cocktails at home and it feels funny to be doing it, but it’s been a long year so far, and it was nice to close down the night with a drink.

Of course I had to check on work, and found this on my desk this morning.

Photo Feb 23, 8 00 39 AM

That would be disturbing, along with the two bottles of beer next to the bed, except that those three drinks are the sum total of my alcohol in a week.

However I think I might have another tonight. I still have supplies

Photo Feb 23, 12 38 32 PM

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