Monday, February 6, 2012

Peyton or Eli? (or Brady?)

A few weeks ago I heard some people on the radio discussing the potential end of Peyton Manning’s career with the Colts. Since then we’ve learned his neck is OK and he plans on playing next year, but at the time we weren’t sure and the radio hosts were asking who is the better QB: Peyton or Tom Brady?

I don’t really like Tom Brady. I’ve disliked him since the famous “tuck rule” incident, I don’t like his body language on the field, and he seems like Michael Jordan: a complete ass. However he’s a fantastic quarterback and if I had to win a game, down by 10 with 2 minutes left, a few weeks ago I’d have taken Brady or Peyton for sure. He’s a clutch player in many ways, and he’s a proven winner. While Peyton is a better passer, I’m not sure he’s a better QB.

After yesterday’s Super Bowl, in which Eli Manning came back with an end of game drive to win, I’m not so sure. Drew Brees is incredible, but he’s got a little too much gambler in him, and I don’t know I’d trust him to win a game. Rodgers is amazing, and he might be someone I picked. Brady, despite having a bad game yesterday, is still clutch, but I think now I’d pick Eli.

Among the brothers, Peyton is clearly better in every statistical category, except one: Super Bowls. He has one to Eli’s two. I’m also not sure he’s as clutch as Eli is, and thus, not sure he’s a better QB.

It was an exciting game for me, seeing the Giants up, then down, then up again. The drive at the end had me yelling at the TV, bringing Delaney in from the other room to see what was going on. He watched the last two minutes with me, and it was certainly exciting, us high-fiving as the last incomplete pass fell in the end zone.

Eli isn’t as smooth, as flashy, or polished as the other QBs, but he’s done something none of them have: beaten Tom Brady twice in Super Bowls.

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