Monday, February 27, 2012

Ready for outside

I’m hoping things clear up and we can have an outside scrimmage next week for baseball. This week we were back again in the cages, this time way up North. We tried to work one tunnel with real pitching, and one with BP, and it was OK. I had 3-4 sessions in the BP tunnel, and threw 2-3 more for a few people. Not hard sessions, but I was working on the step, hold, and the throw my wrists. Overall it felt like a slightly backward step in my hitting, but I think the step will help.

In the live tunnel, I tried it, but with mixed success. It didn’t help that the pitching mound felt close, more like 55 than 66 feet. I mostly held up on bad pitches, only swinging at one outside, and one low that I couldn’t stop. Of the 4 or 5 times I was in there, a couple strike outs, a couple weak hits and one solid shot.

A little sore today from the swinging, though my arms feel OK since I didn’t throw a lot. Looking forward to actually getting outside and fielding some grounders at some point.

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