Monday, February 6, 2012

Book #5 - The Rise of Endymion

endymionIt’s the last book in the Hyperion series, and The Rise of Endymion was amazing. It takes place four years after the end of Endymion, with Raul and Aenea living on Old Earth, studying with “The Architect”, who is no other than a resurrected Frank Lloyd Wright.

Once again the book goes from Raul’s adventures to the churches, who is still scared of the young messiah. We have Raul going off on his own adventure, losing five years of time debt as he tries to find the Consul’s ship and then meet Aenea on a mountain world that’s become the evolution of Tibet. Lots of Eastern philosophy, and very interesting in how they view the world.

The book has Aenea maturing, an incredible Dyson structure, and the reappearance of a number of the pilgrims from the first Hyperion. Somehow Simmons manages to weave an incredible tale, one that astounds and saddens at the same time. It contains sacrifice, that somehow seems to fit exactly in the story. Inspirational and enjoyable, but read the other three books first.

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