Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A $500 Oil Change

I took the Suburban in this morning for an oil change and tire rotation. I had other errands, so I scheduled this with them, expecting that this one would be a simple hour to get things done. I walked to Starbucks while the shop worked, and worked a bit. After a cup of coffee and 45 minutes I got a call.

"You want to come back so we can go over things?"

That's never good. I was hoping for a "we're done" instead. I walked back and found a list of rather minor things overall, but still a list that was somewhat long, but nothing major. Alignment, rear brakes, brake flush, emergency brake adjustment, etc. All around $50-100, but they added up to a $500 overall. I skipped the plug replacement because out of all of the things, that is a relatively easy one for me, and one I'm not sure wasn't done at 100k miles.

In any case, my 90-120min trip to town turned into a 5 hour trip. Fortunately I'd brought the laptop and charger, so I was able to get most of my presentation done and some writing done as well.

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Robert McKay said...

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