Friday, February 3, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

From The Novice Chef, a neat recipe for Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas that I saw this week and wanted to try. I grabbed some stuff from the store the other night, but I should have checked the recipe. No gorgonzola, and no green onions.

Anyway, I cooked the chicken yesterday in the crock pot, letting it slow cook for 5-6 hours with a little chicken stock, cumin, chili powder, garlic, and salt/pepper. It was nice and tender, fell apart with two forks, and only a slight flavor to it.

Today I mixed things up, adding mozzarella and the sauce to the chicken with a bit of yellow onion. Not much, but a little. I had Delaney come taste the enchilada sauce as I mixed in Frank’s Buffalo sauce, and he said it was fine.

Photo Feb 03, 12 26 25 PM

I heated the oven and assembled the enchiladas. Quick, fast, and once the chicken was done yesterday, this was probably 15 minutes of prep. Delaney asked for beans, so I added beans to a bunch of them.

Photo Feb 03, 12 30 10 PM

I dropped them in the oven, set the timer, and went to run for 18 minutes, coming back just in time to see the timer go off.

Photo Feb 03, 12 56 24 PM

Lettuce and sour cream for some, ranch for Delaney.


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K. Brian Kelley said...

We simply do the salsa thing + black beans. Then have everyone assemble their own. We did that last night at church, for instance. Works out well, easy, and doesn't require anything that's not usually in our pantry/refrigerator.