Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book #8 - Inside Out

InsideOutInside Out is an interesting book. It continues the story of Ben Trevan, adds in Larison and gives you more insight into Colonel Horton. It starts out with Ben getting into a fight and arrested in Manila. Hort bails him out, and gives him an assignment to find Larison, who he suspects isn’t dead and is blackmailing the US government over torture tapes that disappeared.

It’s quite a conspiracy novel, with a long speech from Horton near the end on the corporatism of the US, which is actually scary.

The book is from two main perspectives: Ben and Larison. Ben is working with an FBI operation, and Larison, on the run and trying to blackmail the government over the tapes. There are other characters whose perspective we get, the corrupt lobbyist, the FBI agent, and more, but the book primarily centers on Larison and Ben.

It’s action packed, exciting, and maybe a little templated with the girl falling for Ben, but a book I enjoyed, and one that gave me more background on these characters. Now I want to read The Detachment again.

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