Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pre-Blizzard Maintenance

Glad I went out there to do some work today. After karate, it was coming down pretty good on the way home, about an inch or so, with 12-20” expected.

The generator for the house wouldn’t start last week and so I called a few places. I left some messages, not getting any calls back. I tried again, and got through to a guy but he wasn’t certified for maintenance yet. Only installs. However he did suggest I try checking the air filter since that might prevent starting. I knew I was getting propane, having checked that, and I had good battery.

So today I looked at the manual, walked downstairs, took off the side and looked for the air filter. I went back to the computer, looked at the manual again, and went back outside. I found the air filter, tucked way up under the control panel, in the back, behind the fuel lines. An impossible location, and I’m glad the knuckleheads who installed it didn’t tighten the hose clamp too tight. I got it off, checked it and it looked fine. It’s a sealed cylinder, not a great design, IMHO, but I blew it out with the air compressor.

That was it since the generator started without the air filter, and once I seated it back in there, it started again.

The battery was a little corroded, so I cleaned that as well.

Photo Feb 02, 2 51 40 PM

Then it was off to the store to fill the extra propane cylinder. I’m hoping we don’t lose power, but just in case. I also filled the tractor and the diesel container as well, along with a few other people that were equally concerned.

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