Monday, February 27, 2012

Book #9 - Rising Fears

risingfearsA gift from a friend, Rising Fears was a strange one for me. It was written by a friend’s cousin, and it was a gift, so I felt slightly obligated to read it.

It starts out like a horror story, a kid afraid of a monster in his basement. His mother think’s he’s overreacting and tries to get him to flick the light switch for the basement, just inside the door from the kitchen. He does, and he’s pulled into the basement and the door slammed shut.

From there the book follows a few people in Rising, Washington, a small town where people live normal, small town lives. However there’s something strange happening and the Sheriff, along with oen of the local teachers, is caught up I a Clive Barker- or Steven King-like story.

It’s OK, but the writing isn’t great. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t have quite the suspense or grip of some other stories. The characters feel a little shallow, and weak, but the story moves along. Even though I didn’t love it, the story had me turning pages to see how things would turn out.

An interesting twist, and it’s OK, but nothing special.

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