Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book #7 - Fault Line

faultlineWhen I read The Detachment from Eisler, the latest Rain novel, I didn’t realize that the Trevan and Larison characters came from other books. Fault Line was the first attempt to get some backstory on these individuals.

The book starts out with an inventor of an encrpytion technology being killed, and his lawyer, Alex Trevan, being worried about what will happen to his partnership status. When the patent examiner is also killed, Alex starts to think that something might be wrong and reaches out to his estranged brother, Ben.

The book reads a little disjarring as Alex seems to be the main character early, but then the perspective jumps to Ben, an operative for Colonel Horton’s secret JSOC group. “Hort” is back, which is the first clue this book contains some backstory I might need for The Detachment.

It’s a hard book to read, almost too fantastic to have the government chasing down this invention, along with very irrational and angry characters. Alex and Ben are furious with each other, unable to get along, and Alex’s assistant, Sarah, is drawn in. Being of Iranian descent, she isn’t someone Ben trusts.

It’s a simple story, one that seems predictable, but it did give me more insight into who Ben Trevan is, and also who Hort is. I immediately looked for another book with Ben after finishing this one.

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