Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Park

Kendall asked yesterday if we could take dogs to the dog park today. I agreed, but said we’d only take 2. Three is a bit much, and it would be Uma’s first time. Today a friend asked if she’d come over for a sleepover, and she wanted to, but she wanted to hit the park first.

So we packed up and drove over to the Cherry Creek park. Deuce was so excited, Uma less so, but she did well on the drive. It’s good to see her getting used to driving in the car. We got there, paid, and let them out. Deuce was ready to take off, and we leashed him briefly, but let him off in the park after a few minutes. Uma stayed leashed until we walked half our loop and got near the water.

Photo Feb 19, 12 41 35 PM

Uma was a little intimidated when dogs ran up to her, and she would freeze, but she didn’t growl or bark, and her hair didn’t stand up. After about 10 minutes, we let her off near the water, where she couldn’t get near cars, and she had fun running after Deuce and other dogs. However when they ran through the mud or snow, she’d stop on fairly clean ground, not wanting to splash.

Photo Feb 19, 12 41 53 PM

She did well, even walking away with one lady that petted her a bit. That was my main concern and we ended up leashing her again after that since she wasn’t paying a lot of attention to Kendall or me.

Photo Feb 19, 12 42 36 PM

She stayed pretty clean, Deuce not so much so. However they had fun, and went to sleep as soon as we got home.

Photo Feb 19, 2 12 00 PM

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