Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book #6 - Latchkeys

latchkeysLatchkeys isn’t really my style of book. It’s written for kids, probably Kendall’s age, but a friend worked on it, so I grabbed a copy to read.

It was slow to start, but got interesting. A house made of a living tree, filled with doors that open into various times and places. A kid, alone often with his father away and his mother dead, gets chased by a shadow and a man and falls into the house. Or he’s “chosen” by the house.

A storyline that you might guess, and one that could appeal to kids with the magic of being chosen. It’s almost like a slightly more grown up version of The Magic Tree House stories.

Some places the detail is light, and it felt like I wasn’t very grounded in the story, guessing too much what was happening, but overall it was well written and enjoyable. A short one, and I think the series might be good for those 8-14 year olds.b

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