Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Little Rider

When we got back from the tractor shop today, Kendall said she wanted to ride her horse. I made her put a jacket on since it was chilly, and as I was getting the tractor set, she came out with a jacket and went to get Rain.


By herself, she got a bridle on and was tying the line together to give her a rope reign, just as her mother does. She did that and with a boost from me, she was on the horse.


While I played with the dogs a bit to keep them away, she rode around the yard a little, down the driveway and back, working on a few things.

Photo Feb 18, 3 28 50 PM

When we went for a walk later, Rain followed us down the driveway, inside the pasture, and Kendall would go over there a few times, working on some trick with her, and getting Rain to do something for a treat. It was pretty cool.

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