Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A crowded morning

I woke Delaney up at 6, but he was still feeling sick, so I let him sleep. At 7 I got up and Kendall complained of a sore throat and ill stomach and I let her sleep.

Uma didn’t want to sleep.

So I was up, sans pants, but with coffee, working at 7:15 and trying to get things done in my day with the expectation that I might be busy with kids and dogs today. Horses fed, and ready for my weekly call before the kids were up.

So far not too bad, but definitely a bit of an impact to the way I normally get things done. Fortunately I have some coding and testing to do, which is less concentration intensive than writing. The writing will have to be put off until Friday, when hopefully I’ll be down to one kid that can occupy herself.

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