Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We need a new QB

Not in Denver, though we’ll see over this season. But in Dallas, my team, the team I’ve followed since I was a little kid. I watched the home opener, and I know it’s too early to judge the team or players for this year. I’m judging Romo, however, on his career.

He’s a gambler, a Brett Favre type that makes plays, but makes a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately for Dallas, Romo makes lots of mistakes in big situations.  Maybe it’s bad luck, maybe he chokes under pressure, maybe he’s not a big time QB, but I think that building this team and getting back to the Super Bowl means a change of QB. Not this season, but draft one, let him sit in 2012, and get him in places for 2013 and beyond.

From the fumble of the snap in the playoff game a few years back to the numerous fumbles that Romo has had in the pocket or running the ball, he just doesn’t take care of the ball when running or moving around. And I’m not sure you can re-teach that or change that.

I haven’t seen all of the Bronco’s game from last night, but from what I saw in the first half, it wasn’t Orten that was the main problem. As I’ve said before, we have lots of issues on the Broncos, and the QB isn’t the biggest difference maker. Sure Orten might have made a few better throws, but the protection wasn’t strong and the running game lacking. On top of that the defense gave up a lot of running yards, with huge holes. We need to decide how to move forward, but we have lots to fix besides the QB.

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K. Brian Kelley said...

When you look at the weapons Favre had, and the defensive make-up, and how the game turned out (can you say "Desmond Howard"), Favre didn't have to press his luck that season. The team was stacked. When Don Beebe and Andre Rison are "also" receivers in your arsenal, that's saying something. So over time I think Favre's gunslinger attitude has gotten him more credit than he is rightfully due. He has a flair, he wins the crowd, but he believes his own hype. And that, I think, is Romo's problem, too.