Saturday, September 24, 2011

The One Year Light

Tia’s barn light burned out recently, or stopped working. It took my a couple weeks, but it was summer and not getting dark until late, so it wasn’t a priority. However as the days are getting shorter quickly, I managed to get to the hardware store for a replacement bulb.

That didn’t work.

It seems that these outdoor lights last about a year. This is the third one in three years that’s gone out, so I decided to fix it. I researched fluorescent lights a bit and it sounded like the ballast was gone. I mean to go check it, but today Delaney and I were running errands and I decided to just get a ballast. I didn’t see the one I needed, but the others were about $15 at Lowe’s, and a new light was about $35.

Easy decision. New light. I came home and installed it, talking to my brother on the phone while I was up on the ladder working on the light and rewiring things. Got it done as Tia was coming back from riding with Kendall and tested it and it works.


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