Thursday, September 8, 2011

Late Night Fill Up

Not for me, but for the horses. We got back from karate tonight and Tia wasn’t feeling good. She had been working  on the ATV, turning over the round pen and got nauseous. She came in to lie down, and after getting the kids in bed, I headed out into the fields. With a bucket on my head, I carried it to the South pasture for the 4 horses there and filled it with water.

The hose out there is small, the water pressure a little low, and it was a big bucket. I had headphones on, and listened to music, checking some email and enjoying the cool fall night. It’s peaceful, and quiet, and even when I don’t feel like doing a relatively easy chore, I remember some things I’ve seen about keeping lightly active being good for your health. It’s the kind of chore the kids hate, but as I get older, it’s one I hope I can do when I’m 75 or 85.

Buckets filled, and now watching a little NFL opening night as I do a touch of personal work.

Volleyball was good tonight, with Kendall’s team starting to look good. Delaney came with us and helped corral balls and run the practice. Looking forward to seeing her game Saturday since I missed the last one. I’ll be missing one more on Oct 1 when I’m in the UK, already feeling a little guilty about that, and so I am trying to get to all the other practices I can.

After that I hit karate, taking both kids with me. I ask Delaney about every other week or so if he’d like to hit a class, but he continues to say he’s not interested. The teacher was happy to see him tonight, but Delaney wasn’t interested in class. He was engrossed in a book and didn’t really seem interested. Oh well, he did his time, working hard to get his black belt.

I had a great class, moving through kata hard, and feeling good. I had to slow down on the kicks at the end since I was worried about the right ankle, but still sweated nicely. Good to be back after missing karate last night. I had planned on coming, but Tia and I got busy trying to finish taxes, so I skipped it.

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