Friday, September 9, 2011

1886.5 miles

Today I complete a milestone. Three years of running every day, at least a mile a day. Unlike most of those days, today was a struggle, with me feeling tired, my mind wandering, and unable to get into the zone. Every step was a step to me, and I remember them all. Not a good run.

However I persevered. I wanted to walk a few times, and would plan on walking the next hill, but I never did. I slowed down and kept jogging. I wanted to turn around early, but I didn’t. I went my fairly regular route, and added a few more steps on each of the turnround points (there are two).

One thing I’ve learned in three years is that I’m a grinder. I work through the stuff that I need to, even when I don’t want to. I’ve learned that I like regularity, with just a very small hint of variation once in awhile.

I’ve learned I feel healthier with regular exercise, and that running every day is not only possible, but it helps me monitor my energy level, my happiness, and my effort level. Both in life and work. I can tell when stress is getting higher, when I’m pushing too hard.

I’ve also learned that exercise is my hobby. I sometimes lament that I don’t spend enough time playing guitar, or working with wood, but ultimately I realize that my activities (baseball, snowboarding, running, etc.) are a hobby.

Three years, running every day, has taught me about myself, and at the end of every day, I feel like I’ve accomplished something, no matter what else has happened.

It’s been a good three years and I’m not sure how long I’ll go, but I’ve enjoyed the journey so far.

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