Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book #43– Lord Master Governor General

lordmasterAfter I finished First Enlistment, I grabbed the Lord Master Governor General right away. I wanted to know what happened to Sergeant Raper, now in charge of the Panzer Brigade.
Raper is in charge of the Brigade, and facing his board of directors and investors. They think they can push him around, but he’s done his homework. As in the first book, he shows himself to be a thinking man and negotiates to say in charge of the brigade for another 18 months.
He decides to take a contract for security on a remote planet that needs to help build a spaceport for a scientific research group. He goes about it in his usual way, and ends up prepared for trouble on the backwater planet from the local cities and another mercenary group. Thanks to Sevin, he’s ready to deal wit the challenges and does so well.
He also finds a love interest, and shows some of his naivety in that area. It’s a roller coaster romance through the book, without graphic details, but we do get to see in Galen’s mind.
Another fun read, but not great. Read the first book first, however.

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