Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Start of Day 5

Things are progressing nicely. Last night after I left for karate, Jeff pulled the second section of fabric over the building. I wish I’d been there to see it, and when I talked to him around 5 he was thinking it might be this am, but I guess he got more done than expected last night.

This was yesterday:



I was sitting in the barn working a bit and you can see only the first 6 sections were covered. Today it looks like this:



Another 6 are covered, for a total of 12, with 5 more left to go. At 3:30, with a little wind, the day workers were too scared to go up in the lifts, so they worked on the far end wall, which is framed. They left around 5, and I talked with Jeff. He was a little frustrated, but he said it would go quickly without them and he’d go up and get the last 8 or 10 braces in the second section. I guess he did and ended up pulling the fabric over.

Here’s what I saw after taking kids to school:


They’re working on more bracing today, and they’re also threading in the tie-down straps around the second section:


I hope to see the last section of covering fabric go on today and then the end walls. Looks like Thur is a good possibility.


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