Saturday, September 10, 2011

How many things can happen at the ranch in one day?

Quite a few. Here's the list from today:

  • Tia had a 50 mile horse race
  • I woke up, fed hay to the non-racing horses
  • I made a vegetable smoothie that Kendall fed to her guinea pit with a syringe
  • The first truss when up on Tia's arena
  • Kendall and I went to her volleyball game. I coached the first game and they won 2/3
  • We got Kendall and icee because it's more "special" than a slurp
  • I bought a Macbook Air
  • Delaney had a friend come over to play video games and sleep over
  • 5 more trusses went up on the arena
  • I ran 2 miles

And the day's not over. Sometimes I wonder how we get through it all around here.

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