Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Building is Here

We were supposed to have the fabric building arrive on Wed with the installers, but there was a delay. Likely it was because of weather and on Tuesday we heard that things wouldn’t happen until Friday. Since we had some good rain on Tues and Wed, I think it was a good move.


I was downstairs trying to finish a bit of work when I heard Tia yell down from the bedroom. Something about a building, and as I walked into the foyer, I glanced outside. A semi was negotiating the gate, and I knew what was happening.



He drove down near the house, where we talked with him and he was here to spend the night, waiting on the installers coming in the am. Apparently he wasn’t worried and had food, generator, etc. to hang out. We showed him where things were going, but decided to park near the barn.




We assume the installers are flying here, or even in Denver now, staying down in Parker. They are supposed to be here at 7:30 and I think things will start to fly after that. Might be a day to work near the barn and watch the progress move forward.

It’s kind of exciting to think we’ll have a 72x140’ building up next week and ready for the winter.

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