Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Productive Sunday

A quiet day to start. Tia and Kendall went down to Pikes Peak for a ride at Dome Rock, leaving before I woke up. I got a kiss from Kendall as she was leaving, which was nice, and then I want back to sleep.

I got up and without much to do, I decided to enjoy my birthday coffee from Starbucks. They'd sent me a coupon right before my birthday, but I've been too busy to consider taking a day in town to enjoy it. With Delaney sleeping, and likely to sleep for a few hours, I left around 9 to head into town. I took the Macbook and ordered my coffee and a scone.

I've been trying to find the cool, awesome things in life, and one happened today. On a busy Sunday morning, I scored a comfy armchair to enjoy my latte and work a bit. No real agenda, and after setting my fantasy team for football, I popped open my talk for SQL Inspire. I've outlined a few things, and added a few notes over the last two weeks, but no real work on it. Today I took two hours, with the blenders and espresso machines going int he background, I knocked out a couple hours of work. It's not done, but lots of work done.

I headed home after hitting Wal-Mart for a few things and found Delaney playing games. After watching a series of the Bronco's game, I went running, cruising down the road for a hot, hard, 3mi run. I finished and then cooked some lunch with Delaney, us both working to make roast beef quesadillas for lunch. He enjoyed his, I watched a touch more football, and then headed outside to do some chores.

Once again, I had no agenda, though no shortage of things to work on. I decided to fix the cement I'd broken with the forklift last week. I dug out a space, mixed a little concrete filler, and then fixed the notch I'd made in the pad by the barn. It went smooth, and while it was drying, I looked around at the list of things I could do. I'd replaced the barn light yesterday, so today I decided to bite the bullet and bury the water line for trees. I wasn't looking forward to it, but decided I should since I had the shovel and time. I used the tractor to start the trench, and then dug the rest out by hand. After pulling the hose through a metal pipe, I buried it again, smoothing out the ground as best I could before getting ready to test things.

I walked down, knocking in the plug at the end of the hose, came back and decided to knock in the track step in posts since I had the hammer, and then went to find my hose adapter to connect the line to the hose. Not in the bag of parts, not by the side of the house, not in the barn that I could see.

Grrrrr. I'd like to test it, though it's a hardware trip I can make quickly on the next trip into town.

At that point I decided to stop. It's hot, I'm tired, and I've learned that overdoing it is a bad idea. Shower and clean up, waiting for Tia and Kendall to come back so we can do some dinner.

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