Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book #48 - Planet Wrecker

The fifth book of the Doom Star series, Planet Wrecker, might be the best one yet. Books #2 and #3 were great, but this one is amazing. It's the aftermath of the Jupiter system war, the cyborgs repelled and Marteen working as a part of a Jupiter System force under the admiral Tan.

He knows things are not going well as slowly the Dictates of the system appear to be making a comeback. It's frustrating to him and he's not sure what to do, but then he finds an opportunity to leave, but also a reason he must.

The cyborgs have accelerated a series of asteroids from Saturn towards the Earth. Many of them are large enough to crack the Earth into pieces and some of the smaller ones even capable of ending most life on the planet. Marteen is sure the only way to stop this is if the Highborn, Social Unity, and the Jupiter system band together and take the fight to the cyborgs.

Meanwhile Social Unity is losing and Hawthorne isn't sure what to do. The Highborn are slowly advancing across the planet, taking continents and territory slowly, but surely. When informed of the Planet Wrecker asteroids, he realizes Marteen is right and he must band together with the Highborn, yet also prepare for the successful end to the thread when the Highborn will attack again.

The book mostly spends time with the Grand Admiral and his strategy as well as his coordination of the attack on the planet wreckers. Lots of time is spent inside Social Unity as well, letting us see how this society (similar to the Soviet communist block) is crumbling, but still working to maintain its control.  Less time is spent with Marteen, but enough to let us know he's one of the main characters. As with the other books, this one covers a tremendous amount of time and action. It's a great read, and exciting, though I'd recommend you read the others first to understand the structure and situation of this possible future.

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