Sunday, September 11, 2011

Book #41 - Caribbean Moon

A cheap thriller that was highly rated on Amazon, Caribbean Moon grabbed me on a trip and I rarely put it down. A group of police from Lansing, MI is down in Puerto Rico for a cruise/honeymoon. One of the detectives is getting married and fellow detectives Manny and Sophie (partners), the police chief (the father), a DA (friend) and a CSI officer are along with their wives.

After the wedding, they board the boat, unaware that another tourist at their hotel was killed. They cab away as police are literally arriving. We find out later that the killer is stalking the police officers, but we're not sure who it is.

As the murders start to occur, it becomes quite a mystery thrilled. We suspect we know who the killer is, but the writer does a good job of not quite leaving enough clues, but enough to make you think you understand what is going on. Strange murders occur, and we have a little insight into them, but not enough.

The book is a little graphic at times in describing the killer who bites his victims to death. Other than that, it's a simple, Patterson-like read that's fun. I grabbed the second one as soon as this one was done.

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