Saturday, September 10, 2011

Volleyball Girl

I made the my first volleyball game of the season. Kendall's first one was while I was in Oklahoma City and last week was Labor Day. This time Tia was gone for her 50 mile horse race, so Kendall and I set out early for the game. I'm glad we did because it was at a new middle school that didn't come up in Google Maps on the iPhone and was a little confusing to get to.

We weren't the only ones as a few families were late, and the entire day was late starting. The coaches weren't there at 10:50, so I and another Dad got the girls moving and warming up and had to start coaching at 11:10. They played a good first game and even though they fell behind, our girls pulled out a win with some great hits. There were some good 2 and 3 hit returns from them that the other team didn't handle well.

Kendall had a good series, returning some good bumps, diving for a few balls and serving well. I was proud to see her giving high fives to some girls during the game, one of the only girls that does that.

They ended up winning 2/3, coming back again in the second game, and not having enough points in the third game since it's only a 15 point game. They lost 15-13, playing really well the whole time.

Exciting for me to be watching her, and I'm thrilled she had such a good time. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of this season.

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