Monday, September 26, 2011


At least for now.

I took Kendall to school and decided against grabbing a cup of coffee from the gas station since I'd started a pot at home before we left. I drove home, got a cup of coffee and a bar, and grabbed Kendall's 1/2 bagel off the counter. I sat at my desk, munching on the bagel as I logged into the computer and just as I finished the last bit go bagel, I saw the reminder that I had a doctor's appointment this am.

I picked up the coffee, contemplating if I could still make it, and just as it got to my lips, I thought "Doh!" I was supposed to fast, nothing but water after 8 last night. I was close, mostly water after about 8:30 last night until I ate the bagel.

I dropped everything, leaving the coffee to cool at my desk and grabbed my wallet, heading out to the appointment.

Overall it was smooth, nothing major. Talked with the doctor about my knee and he felt like my brother, the homeopath/osteopath, thought: don't do anything. If it's working for me, at my level of activity, it's probably not worth messing with. Since I started glucosomine this weekend, I'll give it a month or so and see what happens.

I got the breath, blood pressure, eyes, ears, etc. Hernia test and the lovely 40 year old rectal exam. Everything was fine and he thought I looked healthy. I managed to maintain some manhood and not pass out while they drew blood and had plenty of urine to leave them in a Dixie cup. A few days to see how the blood looks, but so far I have been pronounced healthy.

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