Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All Black

Tonight I went to karate, trying to keep the training going as I head for first degree. I arrived, seeing one of the joshu's (junior instructors) teaching and then remembered that our teacher was out of town along with a few other senior students.

No problem, I was tired, and looking for a relatively easy class. When we lined up, however, I was surprised. 14 of us, all black belts in the class. I don't think that's ever happened before. With a junior instructor, we didn't do anything new, working through kata and self defense, but we moved a little quicker. Less instruction, less wasted time, less rest.

It could have been a good class, but there was a lack of energy. Even though people moved well, there just wasn't this feeling of excitement.

Still it was good for me. A chance to work on some moves without the high speed stuff from regular workouts, and no injuries. Always a good class when I don't tweak anything.

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