Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book #46 - Deceitful Moon

I grabbed Deceitful Moon after I really enjoyed Caribbean Moon. The story continues a short while after the Lansing cops have returned to Michigan. In this one there's another serial killed in Michigan, or maybe more than one. A series of gruesome killings of sexual predators have Manny back at work, while he and his daughter are still coping with the loss of his wife.

The author gives us some views into the killers, who this time appear to be a group of women that are taking revenge against sexual criminals recently released from prison. There are clues that the chief's wife is involved, and we know for sure when she shoots her husband in his office.

The crew has quite a few investigations going on, with misdirection leading them to suspect one of their own as they try to find the vigilantes. In the middle of this, Dr. Argyle, the killer from book #1, is returned to Lansing and escapes.

It's a fun read, slightly silly, a little funny, lots of coincidences, but also still thrilling. Fun to watch, and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to book #3.

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