Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seeing my wife at work

Tia's been downtown all week at the 360iDev conference for work, manning their booth. She's been going down early, getting back late and we've hardly seen each other. Today a friend of ours was in town and speaking, so she asked me to come down and have lunch.

I worked for a few hours, trying to get things done and then headed down, thinking I'd work if they were busy and meet them. It's a long drive down there and even without traffic, I was thinking that this isn't something I'd like to do every day, or even once a week. I had good timing, meeting them as they were finishing and we went to eat lunch. Afterwards they packed up and we all came back, showing off the ranch and the new building to our friend from Florida.

Good to catch up, and stand around a bit. No so good that it was raining. I picked up Delaney from the bus and he wanted to cut some grass to earn money. Not a good day for it, so he's hoping the weather is better tomorrow so he can earn another $10 to get his game next week.

A late run for me, which I slightly regretted because of the rain. Day 1100 was one milestone that wasn't a nice run outside. It was long, though, nearly 3 mi.

Now time to feed kids and then lay down and relax with my wife before she heads out tomorrow early for a presentation.

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