Friday, September 23, 2011

Can I Stay Home?

“Can I stay home from school tomorrow?”

Delaney asked me that as we were driving to volleyball practice last night. That wasn’t it, and he had a well reasoned argument for me. Today was the 100th anniversary of the high school and so the middle and elementary schools were going over for the parade for most of the day. He didn’t have any tests or assignments and his classes were being cut short. He had a friend that was trying to do the same thing and they hoped to play some XBOX together.

He’s asked a few times before, usually on those half days before holiday break or the last day of school. He isn’t enamored with the social aspect of school and doesn’t look forward to hanging out if he doesn’t have to. We usually let him stay home.

Kendall, on the other hand, loves those days. She’s in the parade today with the Girl Scouts and always wants to go to those half days to see her friends.

I told Delaney we’d talk to Tia and decide later.

He’s home today, and loving it.

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