Sunday, September 11, 2011

The First Rockies Game of the Year

Today Tia had planned a day out for a few people in her company at the Rockies game. It was the first game I've gotten to with a busy life and not wanting to spend half a day driving to and from Denver, but this was a good excuse to go. I got to sleep in a little, then up and running before we headed out this morning to meet her co-workers at the game.

We had tickets for the picnic area behind center field before the game, which was pretty nice. We were essentially outside the stadium in a gated area, and couldn't see batting practice or warmups, but there was a nice buffet and we enjoyed some talk with everyone.

We managed to get upside for the National Anthem and the flyover of some fighter jets from the nearby Air Force base.

We were sitting in the Rockpile, above and behind center field and it was my first time there. It seems that section always sells out early when I pick games, but in this case it was fairly empty, despite the 9/11 remembrances. I thought it was neat to be up there, but for me it was hard to track the ball that far away (about 500 ft) and whether it was a swing or a miss, I couldn't always tell where the ball went. I definitely lost it on the ground, dirt or grass, and that won't be a place I sit again if I can help it.

It was sunny and hot, and everyone struggled a bit. We watched an inning or so and then Kendall needed to go down and get some shaved ice. We grabbed her a hat and Tia sunglasses at the same time and went back, but after an inning or so she was complaining again. So we went down above the visiting bullpen and watched from there. In the 6th, after the Red's reliever finished, the catcher walked over to the wall and tossed the warmup ball to Delaney. That was pretty cool, since I've never gotten a ball from a major league game.

We left after the 8th, with the Rockies leading 4-0. It was interesting to see Delaney tracking the game and letting me know when things happened. It was a quick game, and nice to see the Rockies score some runs. We saw a home run, and we see a steal of third base, cool for me. We also did the baseball throw with the kids, where Delaney hit 34 mph, struggling to throw it straight. When he wound up, he ended up letting go too early and it flying high. Kendall hit 33 once, but mostly 25 and it helped I coached her a bit.

Afterwards we drove to Home Depot to pick up Kyle. We've been trying to get together with him for a few weeks and it's been busy. Tia and the kids were thrilled to see him working and the kids followed him around, helping pick up trash and get carts from the lot. We took him to dinner and then we saw his apartment and cat, which the kids loved. They have been asking to spend time with him and we're hoping he can get by the house sometime soon for a visit.

Then back home to call it a weekend. 

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