Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Delaney brought a friend home after school, I had to argue with Kendall a bit to do homework (Tia stepped in make it happen), then get her to piano. Tia was still sick, and on a conference call at 6, Delaney’s friend’s parents were late getting him picked up. We were late, leaving the house at 7:30 for a 7:30 show, and had every reason to just bail on Kyle’s one-night comedy night at school.

I’m glad we didn’t.

We knew that we should support him, and so we dragged the kids down there, and they were very upset that we were late. We arrive, walk in to a small audience of almost all kids. There were 10 kids on stage + 2 MCs running a “Whose line is it anyway?” skit with a series of games.

And it was hilarious. The kids were having fun, and had us laughing in the audience as they went through various games based on sharades, changes midstream from the audience and MCs, and more. They did a great job, Kyle was really funny, and I wish that I had video taped some it since it was great.

Nice to see him up on stage having fun, and it was just what I needed after a long week.

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