Friday, April 16, 2010

The Last Day at Breck

Likely. I don’t think we’ll get back up there Saturday and they close Sunday for the 09/10 season.


But I got to go today, which was cool. After I missed last week, and then missed Saturday with a sick household, it was good to be on the slopes. I planned this day off earlier in the week, let my boss go, scheduled stuff for work, and then let go this morning, heading off to the mountains.


I had things packed, so I arrived at Breck around 10:25, pretty good time after leaving the house at 8:30. It was sunny, warm, about 50F, and I almost left my jacket in the car and went with a windbreaker. I’m glad I didn’t since it was windy up there, and a slight chill in the air.


I had never skiied Peak 7, so I got off the gondola there and jumped on the lift. Hardly anyone was there, and they didn’t even check my pass. At the top, I headed down a run in the center of the peak, and didn’t see another person until I got down to the last hundred yards near the lift. That’s my type of Thur skiing!


My next run was the same, though I saw two guys going down about halfway. It felt deserted to me, and as I cruised over the Peak 8, it was very quiet all over the mountain. No lines, and hardly anyone on the slopes. With music playing in my ears, it was very relaxing.


The snow wasn’t great. It’s slushy, and at times the board would stick for a second and throw my balance off. I fell down the first time it happened, and then learned to watch out for it. The nice thing was that it was soft, no ice at all.


Except for Sawmill. I took that over to Peak 9, and it had some big, exposed patches of ice. I was careful to stay upright on them.

I headed back to Peak 8, and then 7 in the afternoon, and got a textthat Tia had gone to the doctor. She was sick, so I decided not to push it for a late day. I went through the trees briefly, but it was so slushy and warm, I broke through the crust when the board stopped sliding and then fell over. A slight knee tweak, so I decided that was a bad idea. I left around 1:30, grabbed lunch on the way, and headed home, arriving to pick up Delaney from the bus.

It was a beautiful day to end the season, if that’s the end. A-Basin is still open, and I would like to try and get up there a few times in the next few weeks, at least to see what it’s like.

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