Friday, April 16, 2010

Talk Radio

After a tea party rally yesterday, or recently in the Springs, it’s amazing what I hear on the radio. As I drive to Kendall’s field trip, I lost the ESPN station, so I switched around the dial and landed on a few conservative talk radio stations.

Are only crazy people allowed to call? Actually that’s a joke since I heard a few rational people as well. Among the interesting comments,

A guy called in to say he had attended the rally as a protest against the tea party. Apparently he was yelled at to “get a job” since he wasn’t working. What about the people supporting the tea party? Weren’t they supposed to be working? Or are they out of jobs?

Someone else rationally was talking about the opposition to gay marriage, and the laws being promoted to outlaw it. He said a “freedom of religion” requires a “freedom from religion” as well. It a religion codifies some thing like opposition to gay marriage, are they not just as bad as any oppressive regime?

Lots of people complaining about the Obama administration, and saying that they aren’t racists because they oppose Obama. Some old lady even said that “racist” should be outlawed as a word.

Doesn’t the freedom of speech mean that those words can be used. Even the “N” word can be used. It’s frowned upon, but I wouldn’t want to oppress anyone that feels the need to use it.

Sometimes it’s embarrassing hearing people in this country talk. I guess they would say I’m embarrassing to them, such as the fact I didn’t think Clinton should have been impeached for sex. That’s one of the things that makes this country great though, we have varying opinions.

I do think that we could improve our country, and simplify our tax system. I think that we should perhaps re-evaluate what’s important to us. But I don’t think that it’s a Republican or Democratic solution that will work. We need to get more people to work together, from both sides, and more compromises. I’d also like to see everyone that wants to complain about the other side start to make reforms on their own side rather than just complaining about the other side. Cut some of your own programs first.

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