Saturday, April 10, 2010

No More Amazon

I went to check my Amazon affiliate account last night and it was closed. I hadn’t received a note and I was confused, since I had just received a payment a week ago. I sent a query, and this morning I heard back from them.

Apparently the new Colorado law, HB 10-1193, apparently is looking to force online retailers to collect sales tax from consumers. So while Amazon will continue to sell in CO, they will no longer allow associates in this state to advertise for them.

That stinks. In fact, it’s annoying since I have a strong affiliate backing and typically end up with a nice book income every month. However I signed up with Barnes and Noble and I’ll be using them and perhaps fixing old links where I can. Hopefully that will result in referrals.

The bill is a mess, especially in this case. While I am an affiliate, most of the referral sales I make for Amazon are not in CO. In fact, very few of them are. The vast majority of them are in other states, or even countries.

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