Tuesday, April 6, 2010

60K Service

I am hoping to get one last day in at Keystone mountain tomorrow, and was worrying about letting the Prius 60k service go, so I decided to head down today and get it done. I dropped it off and then got a ride to the library where I can work a bit, edit articles, and get ready to take a day off, and then have another day off Thur as I’m up at Microsoft for some event.

I checked on the basic service, which is really change the oil and inspect things. There are air filter replacements, but I can blow those out at home and get some more life out of them. There’s also a list of stuff that they guy presented me. Things like coolant flush, transmission flush, etc. I checked online and there is some disagreement on what’s required, though it seems that most of it isn’t necessary.  I told the guy to just do the alignment/rotate for today, but he was going to call with more information in a bit.

I did see that transmission flush and coolant should go to 100k miles, but I think with the heavy driving we do that it’s cheap insurance to add that in now, so I think I’ll do that one today and then be in good shape for some time to come.

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