Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Skiing

Tia’s back was still sore, and Kyle was feeling sick, so when we got up, it was just Kendall, Delaney and I to go skiing for Easter. We checked the weather, which was calling for some wind at Breckenridge, and then they didn’t want to go. I was getting annoyed, but Tia stepped in and told Delaney he needed to go. I walked out to do some horse chores, and when I returned, Kendall was walking around looking for Easter eggs.

Tia told her that she needed to get away so the Easter bunny would come, and so she agreed to go. I packed up the little kids and we headed to Breck. We got there, and it was a beautiful day. There was supposed to be an Easter Egg hunt every hour, but it was at this tiny area, and we’d just missed one. Kendall said “let’s just ski”, so we headed up the mountain.


Delaney had a new board, and I was worried since it was about 14cm longer than his old one, but he did great. In fact, he led us down the first time and Kendall and I worked to catch up. It was sunny, not windy, and we went across Peak 8 to Peak 9 and back, having a good time and getting in a good 6 or 7 runs before heading home. No traffic, and the kids joked with each other on the way home, playing games on the iPhone.

A great day in the mountains.

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