Friday, April 2, 2010

Cold and Windy

Yesterday I went out to get Kendall from the bus and I couldn’t believe the view. It was like a pile of dirt was flying towards me as I drove up the road. I bet we had a 30mph wind or better. It was crazy, and I’m glad I got there before Kendall so she didn’t have to walk. As I sat waiting in the Prius it was rocking back and forth in the wind.

It was so bad, that this morning when I went to take Delaney to school, the road was full of potholes. It was like a big rainstorm that had run off across the road and stripped away the loose gravel.

It wasn’t much better this morning when I went out to help Tia with chores. It wasn’t that windy, but it was definitely cold and blowing. Not feeling like spring here, but that’s OK. I am looking forward to skiing this weekend, so a couple more cold days are OK with me.

As long as they’re not down here. Supposed to start baseball practice tomorrow.

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