Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Busy Busy Day

It’s been a few busy days in a row. Today started with a dentist appointment, which was at 8. And I had to get Kendall to school since Tia had a call, so I was racing around to get work going, get her to school and then to the dentist.

The dentist went well, but didn’t help my stress level. I think it’s more the idea of being there, and the stress of someone picking and scraping my teeth with sharp instruments. I keep feeling myself tensing up, the muscles in my neck and shoulder tightening and I have to relax.

And do it again in 2 minutes. Ugh, I hate the dentist. Even though I have a good one, with relatively pain free hygenists. At least everything was fine with my teeth.

Then it was running a couple errands and taking a work call that slowed me down. Back at home, trying to cram in some work, talking with my business partner, getting kids from the bus, I feel behind today. Plus there are a few things that I’ve been researching and trying to get through. Pressure.

At least tonight isn’t too busy. Delaney has a cello concert, so it’s not a down night, but no karate, no exertion, no scouts to think or talk to, a quieter night. I had a decent night’s sleep last night. Not great, but not bad. I need a couple more.

Maybe I need a couple days off.

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