Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book #36 – The Hunt for Atlantis

base_media A new author, and this is one case where the “sample” provided by Amazon and Barnes and Noble helped. I read the first 20-30 pages as a sample, enjoyed it, so I grabbed the book.

The Hunt for Atlantis starts with the search for Atlantis, a husband and wife team in the Himalayas following a lead. They’ve left their daughter behind for one of the first times, and it’s a good thing when they are betrayed by one of the members of the expedition and killed.

The book then cuts to 10 years or so later, where their daughter is a grad student, seeking funding for her own Atlantis search. It’s denied, but a corporation offers to fund her. And as she accepts, another corporation tries to kill her. From there it’s a wild ride as she gets a bodyguard that is obviously attracted to her and saves her life a few times as they search. The search goes to South America, the the Med, then back to the Himalayas.

The book is somewhat predictable, but it’s fun to read, it gets exciting, and while it’s obviously fiction and you never believe it could happen, it does get exciting at times and is fast paced. You can see the twist coming, but it’s still a fun read for a rainy day.

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