Monday, April 12, 2010

A Bucket of Manure

I started my day with a bucket of manure. OK, maybe not started, but Tia left this morning around 10 for the airport and a short trip to ATL. Delaney was at school, me having gotten him up and fed, but Kendall was feeling sick.

She lay in bed, watching TV while I went out to help Tia disconnect the truck and then going to feed horses. It was a nice, non-windy day, so I fed one load on the track, another in buckets as the wind picked up a little.

Then it was manure time. Gemini has a nice set of piles in his run, so I went out and scooped those up, trying to keep them clean and not have things ground into the dirt. I’ll go later and get Cowboy’s run clean as well before he ruins things.

I felt like emptying a full bucket of manure was a heck of a way to start the workday.

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