Friday, April 23, 2010

Steve’s AAA

I got a call a little over an hour ago from my oldest son. He ran out of gas on the way home from work :)

Part of being a Dad is rescuing people, and today’s my day. After towing Tia out in the Prius, I got dressed again for the snow, went out and unhooked Tia’s truck from the trailer, packed up the two gas cans and headed out. I had a couple gallons in the gas one, and while I think my son needs to learn to manage his own finances and money, but I also don’t mind donating a little gas when something like this happens. I’ve been poor and stuck before, and it sucks.

So I drove out, found him, got him some gas to get going, got a very hearty thank you, and then went to the gas station to fill up both my cans. The weather is clearing, but it’s still a mess and it’s good to keep some gas and diesel around.

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