Monday, April 19, 2010

Update Issues with the iTouch and iPad games

I finally went to update my iTouch with the new 3.x software update today. I had been letting it run, despite the protests from kids that a few of their favorite games from my iPhone won’t run on the iTouch. However today I saw a note from ProPrompter, the teleprompter software I use, that the new version of their software has a remote feature, allowing a 2nd iPhone/Touch to control the prompter. With all the mistakes I make, that would be a great feature.

So I decided to buy the upgrade. I connected my iTouch to the laptop, went to the Apple Store, and purchased the upgrade. I let it run while I was running. I came back, expecting to update things, and found a brick. I had the dreaded “recovery mode” screen.


I wasn’t sweating it since I’d had this on my iPhone before (and I was sweating then) and knew how to recover. I tried my few techniques and when they didn’t work, I dragged the iTouch to me desktop and did a restore there as a new device.

That ran over lunch and I dragged it back to my laptop where I restored from the backup I had on it. As soon as that was complete, the iTouch restarted, and asked me to update it to v3.x software. I said OK and ran through the same process, including it being bricked again.


That’s annoying. I suspect that my iTunes might be out of date somewhat, so I updated iTunes.

It still didn’t work, so I’m slightly stuck now. I have a v2.2 OS on there that works, but my teleprompter is broken. I think I’ll call the Genius Bar.

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