Sunday, April 18, 2010


We got killed today at baseball, and it was all one inning. I think we were down 2-0 or 3-0 into the 6th and then our pitching fell apart. We went through 3 pitches in the inning, they batted around at least once, and maybe twice, and we had numerous errors, but some good hits on their side.

I played center, and had some good catches early, 3 of them, then missed on that was short. I was close enough to get it, but I’d run the wrong line, and it was 1 foot to the right of my glove. Then in the 6th, I was running in on one and just missed snagging it on the end of my glove. I could have gotten a force at second, but wasn’t thinking and threw it to short instead. Just stupid.

At the plate not much better. A walk on 4 pitches and then a strike out on 3, where I swung over 2 dropping curves. Just poor hitting and I turned my head. Definintely could use some more hitting practice.

Still it was a fun time, a good group of players on both sides, and a nice way to start Sunday. Glad to see no one got too upset, though we have a couple guys with tweaked arms. Not sure what that will mean for the next few weeks.

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