Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Winter Park–Day 1

Day 1 was slow to get started. We were all tired from the weekend. Tia taught, I had a scrimmage, and the kids were just slow to wake up and get moving. Probably a large batch of fajitas Sunday night didn’t help.

We got up late, packed, fed horses, in the crazy wind, and headed to Winter Park around 10:30. Tia wanted to drive my car, so I took the Suburban. Unfortunately we both were kicked out of the driver’s seat.

Photo Mar 23, 9 30 33 AM

We made it up, though Tia and Kendall decided not to ski. Kendall needed a helmet and goggles, and they went shopping. The boys and I headed up, working our way through a slushy spring ski area.

Photo Mar 23, 1 36 43 PM

It was a nice day, the snow a little dry and powdery at times. Icy at the top of the mountain, soft at the bottom. We were careful, but had fun for 2 1/2 hours.

Photo Mar 23, 1 36 03 PM

We went until 3:30, closing the mountain and then Delaney was done. Kyle wanted one more, so we headed over to the lift, and Delaney came to catch up for one more run.

Photo Mar 23, 4 09 16 PM

A post ski hug afterwards for the boys. We headed to our condo, which was great. We cooked dinner and then called it a night.

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