Friday, March 6, 2015

Two days in London

As of Friday night, it’s been two days in London, though I’ll be here another night, actually two more. I leave this hotel tomorrow and after the conference, I’m Heathrow bound for my 4th hotel and then an early flight to Dublin.

It’s been a good two days. A talk yesterday, my branding one, though only about 20 people there.  Today I talked testing, and had about 50, which was better. It’s tough here with so many big names and very interesting topics at every hour.

It’s been hectic, with me wandering into lots of people, shaking hands, taking pictures, and not having a lot of time. I’m supposed to be editing a chapter, as well as submitting some sessions and I’ve not found much downtime. Even now, about 30 minutes of work before dinner and the evening event here.

I’ll be glad to get to Sunday and do some touring in Dublin with no schedule.

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