Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Book #20–Odd Hours

oddhoursThe last Odd Thomas re-read for me, before I moved on to new ones. It’s a few months after the end of Brother Odd. Mr. Thomas lives by the coast, having taken a job as a cook/driver and helper for an aging actor. He meets a girl on the pier, and is intrigued when he has a vision that appears to be a premonition.

Odd Hours is a good title as it’s a few hours in a day. He has a similar premonition from some men that he believes will accost the lady. When they look to question him, he dives off the pier and evades them.

The book is then his physic magnetic search for the girl, who is a true mystery. Odd’s avoiding the men, and having some humor when the police chief arrests and interrogates him. We also have a new ghost, with Elvis having moved on, but Frank Sinatra here.

This becomes a bit of a thrilled with potential terrorists, which is unlike the smaller scale plots in the previous books.

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