Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Book #18–Forever Odd


A re-read for me, but I was entranced with Odd Thomas, so I am working my way through again. Forever Odd is the second book, where Odd has lost his love in the first book, but hasn’t gone back to work. He’s awakened by a ghost, who he follows to a house to find a dead body.

His friend, the man’s stepson, is not there and he thinks the boy has been kidnapped by his biological father. Odd is concerned as his friend has brittle bones and could be in danger. However he also encounters a man that TASERs him, though must leave as the police arrive.

The book is a pursuit. Odd using his psychic magnetism to find his friend, who was kidnapped, but by someone new. Someone Odd doesn’t know and must deal with. Through the sewers below Pico Mundo and out into the desert, we find a more active, brave Odd than in the first book.


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